Carciofoli Verlagshaus Zürich: “Contemporary Romanian Composers”

Sorin Lerescu - O ora de iubire

Romanian music of the 20th century is closely connected with the Person of George Enescu (1881-1955), who as a violinist, conductor, teacher and composer had a major influence on the musical life of his country. After the 2nd World War, composers began to fuse the developing international avant-garde tendencies with traditions sprung from Romanian folk music to create a new idiom. The works of these composers are marked by a surprising degree of variety and a great openness.

Many recent compositions have been performed within Romania, but due to the increasing political isolation of the country since the 1970-s, only few have penetrated into the West. Nevertheless, Romanians have been able to take part at international festivals, and often with great success.

Nowadays, sheet music of Romanian composers of the last 10 or 20 years is hardly available outside Romania. The series “Contemporary Romanian Composers” wants to help make some of these unjustly neglected works better known. Some of the material on hand has been published before in Romania, some of it has been unpublished so far. (…)

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