Sorin Lerescu – a presentation by Andre Darvasan-Stanciu

Sorin Lerescu _ presentation on Prezi 11

Sorin Lerescu | 28
By Andre Darvasan-Stanciu on 2 December 2014
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Transcript of Sorin Lerescu
Sorin Lerescu

TRAIECT New Music Group
Founded in 1982
Founder of Meetings of New Music in Romania

Modern Impressionism
Symphonic Music — 5 Symphonies, Sax Concerto
Sorin Lerescu
Born 1953
Studied composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest in 1979
Postgraduate Studies abroad in Norway, The Netherlands, UK, USA, and Germany
Earned PhD at Gheorge Dima Consevatory with Ede Terenyi
Vocal Symphonic Music — 2 Cantatas
Chamber Music — 36 works with ensembles of different sizes
Solo Instrument Music — 21 works for various instruments
Chamber Ensemble comprised of seven instruments
Focused on bringing new music to the public, premiering many contemporary works of various styles and aesthetic trends
Has participated in many contemporary music festivals in Europe
Invited as professor of composition in Italy
Invited to hold lectures at University of Minnesota
Rhythmic Variety and Intensity
Violin stays mostly in its lower range

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